“High standards and a great sense of humor”

I have been working with Renee for six months in preparation for a two-week 150 mile hike in Mongolia.  I started with personal training and have now “graduated” to her group classes.  I run a lot so I had the cardio, but my primary goals were to gain upper body and core strength of which I had absolutely none because I hate weight training.  After training with Renee for six months not only do I feel confident that I have the strength and conditioning I need to complete my hike, but the constant back pain I’ve battled for the past few years is almost non-existent!

Rene is a tough trainer with high standards but she balances it with encouragement and a great sense of humor which has enabled me to stick with my training.  Thank you Renee!!

– Liesl

blossom“In 3 months I lost 4 pants sizes”

With Reene’s program and a healthy diet in 3 months I lost 4 pants sizes, from a size 10 to a 6 and redistributed my155 lbs. of giggle to 137 lbs. of muscle.  I went from curvy cute to rocking body!

Thank you so much for your awesome, creative workouts.

– Blossom

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